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PayPal IPN Script for Membership Site, or Single Products.

Are you pulling your hair out trying to get PayPal IPN integration to work? Then this is for you. It handles all facets of a membership site like recurring payments, membership terminations...everything.

It is code that is working live now. All you need to do is set your own values in the config section and you are good to go!

This set of scripts is good for setting up a Membership site, but can be used for stand alone products as well. It is not a shopping cart system.

If you have multiple products/memberships, on multiple sites, we will show you how you can use One PayPal account to sell these products.

It includes setting the username/password in the .htaccess files. Or letting users register with their own username/password.

It uses MySql to update your customer database.

Integration with PayPal uses Curl instead of fsocket, which is much more reliable.

There are a lot of debugging statements in the script that will help you debug your installation if it's necessary.

All the user parameters, and flags are set in one configuration file.

PHPMailer is used for EMails.

The code is written in a professional manner, and has many comments so you will know what is being done at each point.

We spent a LOT of time writing this and getting it bug free.

You WILL need SOME knowledge of PHP, MySql to implement this, but we have made it as pain free as possible.

The cost is $100, and includes live phone support to help you get it installed.

This will save you literally weeks of time. If you slog through it yourself, you're probably only making .50/hour.....if that. So you have to ask yourself what your time is worth.

Use the contact button above if you are interested.


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